Wild Ocean Shrimp Lover's Sampler

per 5 lb.

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Florida is the capital of local, wild shrimp. We are lucky to have access to wild-harvested, Atlantic-caught shrimp. There are 5 different species harvested in Florida; hoppers (pinks), royal reds, rock, brown and white. Depending on the season we usually have anywhere between 3-4 types available. With the sampler you will receive 5 packages of shrimp that include the shrimp that are currently in season. Since it's rare to have all 5 varieties of shrimp harvested at the same time, you will find a 1 to 2 packages of one species repeated. Each package will have 12 ounces of shrimp.

Brown shrimp - robust and firm
White shrimp - mild and firm
Royal Red shrimp - sweet and tender
Rock shrimp - sweet and firm
Hopper / Pink shrimp - slightly sweet and firm

Everyone has their favorite 

All the soft shell shrimp will be peeled and deveined: The rock shrimp will be split and clean. The largest shrimp will be sent out.

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