Royal Red Shrimp

per 12 Ounces

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Royal red shrimp are tender, salty-sweet and one of the most unique harvestable species of shrimp in all of Florida. Almost lobster-like, they come from deep, cold water along the continental shelf at depths ranging as deep as 2,000 ft. They do not travel and you will rarely find them outside of the Southeast. Due to their unique tenderness and sweetness, they do well in simple recipes or just on their own. They also cook in half the time of their counterparts.

Royal red shrimp are found both in the Gulf of Mexico and the East Coast of Florida. Their uniqueness does not stop with their taste. The yield on royal red shrimp tend to be lower than other soft shell shrimp; they heads are larger which in turn makes for a lower yield. They are also the only shrimp that have a longer life span than 13 months; they can live up to 3 years.

They come in three variations:

Peeled and Deveined - 21/25 count in 12 ounces
Head-off - 21/25 count in 12 ounces
Whole - 10/15 count in 12 ounces

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