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A classic cracker Florida, mullet is best fried or smoked. When smoking choose the butterfly cut for the most delicious outcome.

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Mullet gets a bad rap, it’s bad enough it shares it’s name with a infamous hairstyle but many consumers think it’s a scavenger when in fact the Mullet is a herbivore. Unfortunately when it does feed on sea plants, it usually feeds on the bottom that can mean it can take on a muddy flavor as a result of unstilted or unclean waters. It is essential to harvest it in clean waterways such as inlets, near mangroves or bodies of water where there is a consistent flow (we always make sure sure our mullet comes only from clean waters). It has a robust flavor with a rich nuttiness due to its high oil content. It is best smoked, fried or broiled but because of its firm texture, it is pretty versatile.  Like with anything, they are the yummiest right before they spawn (November-January) and produce highly sought after roe, from the female (the milt comes from the male and is not as popular, just saying). They also contain an edible gizzard!

Butterflied mullet are best fried or smoked and come scaled (if you would like the scales on please let us know).

Whole mullet come ungutted and with scales; it you would like your whole mullet scaled or gutted please let us know.

6-8 oz each fillet
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