Smoked Mullet

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Smoked mullet is a Florida tradition. Mullet, a bountiful fish found in many of Florida’s waterways, is the perfect blend of oily and white fish for smoking. Our smoking is done inhouse with creole seasoning over a hickory base wood. When prepped for the smoker, the head is removed and the whole mullet is butterflied down the back meaning it is split down the backbone and folded open. This cut leaves two filets joined at the belly and the backbone running down one side. Leaving the backbone in really preserves the flavor and texture of the meat. To eat the finished fish, you lift away the spine and discard it. You then use  your fork to slip the meat from the bones that remain. Smoked mullet can be served with lemon, hot sauce and saltines. It can also be made into a fish dip.
8-12 oz each
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