Every wondered how different species of shrimp taste? We know that if you are a shrimp lover you definitely have wondered that. Well, now you can try 4 wild, Florida shrimp species all at once. There are 5 harvestable species of shrimp in Florida, if you do not count the invasive tiger shrimp. These species include rock, royal reds, whites, browns and hoppers/pinks. Since there are different seasons for different shrimp due to both seasonality and regulation, we don’t always have all the species in but with the help of freezing, now we can offer them to you all at once.

With this sampler packages you will receive a total of 4 lbs of peeled and deveined shrimp, enough for 8-12 portions (depending on big your appetite is). You will receive 1 lb of each type of shrimp. We will pick 4 of the 5 Florida shrimp species and label them accordingly. If you truly want to know the different in tastes, we suggest cooking a sample of each type of shrimp in the same cooking style, then sit down and savor each one. They are truly taste different. Here are some tasting notes:

Rock – Sweet, buttery and firm
Royal Reds – Sweet, fluffy and tender
Whites – Moderately sweet and firm
Browns – Savory, briny and firm
Hoppers/Pinks – Slightly sweet and firm