Rock Shrimp Split and Clean – 1 LB


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Rock shrimp are wildly flavorful and can sometimes be confused with little lobsters. Rock shrimp are sweet, firm and delicious. They are worth the processing time we put into them.


Rock Shrimp Split and Clean with Shell on, Fresh-Frozen

36/48  count – 16 ounces

Rock shrimp are our specialty and a huge part of our company history! We are pioneers of the rock shrimp industry. These similar-to-lobster tasting shrimp are the only non-penaeid (soft shell) shrimp we harvest on our coast. These shrimp are tricky to get into but worth the effort and time. Rock shrimp are very sweet and firm and do best either broiled or grilled but you must keep the shell on. They tend to run pretty small but don’t let that fool you, they are huge on flavor.

They are frozen on board shrimp boats because they are caught in over 200 feet of water, over 30 miles off shore. The IQF (Individual Quickly Frozen) process assures proper preservation and quality product. Once the boat has caught a viable amount of pounds, they come back to unload the shrimp.

Pioneering Rock Shrimp

Rodney Thompson, our  founder, pioneered both the fiberglass boat industry and the rock shrimp industry. He built a machine to open up rock shrimp when everyone else was throwing them back into the ocean. Rodney was instrumental in creating a Coral Habitat Area of Particular Concern in the Oculina Reef for rock shrimp spawning which closes the area for any bottom contact fishing. You can find more information about Wild Ocean’s origins in the about page.

Cooking Method for Rock Shrimp

Broiling is by far the best cooking method. Once you receive your shrimp, just thaw them out and open them with the meat side facing the broiling heat.  Wait two and half minutes and voila! Everyone will think you spent hours in the kitchen when it just took a little over two minutes.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 12 × 1 in

5 reviews for Rock Shrimp Split and Clean – 1 LB

  1. Mike Jeske

    Just tried these on a vacation to Cocoa beach. I went to the Port Canaveral store and asked for something local and special and their recommendation did NOT disappoint. I am a “foodie” and LOVE seafood. I also seldom am willing to pay what it takes to ship specialty foods back home to Wisconsin but I most definitely will be placing and order for rock shrimp once or twice a year.

    I simply seared these in a pan, peeled and ate them.
    NO seasoning, NO butter, NO salt, I was amazed and I couldn’t stop eating them.
    They taste like lightly buttered lobster.

    • Cinthia (verified owner)

      I’m so glad to hear that! We appreciate the feedback and we are ecstatic you loved them.

  2. dennis Storrs

    First tried them about ten years ago. One of my favorite things to eat! Ordering from Michigan AGAIN.

    • Cinthia (verified owner)

      We are so glad to hear that Dennis!

  3. Christopher Julich (verified owner)

    I think it was about 20 years ago we made our first trip to Dixie Crossroads for dinner from Orlando. Having moved all over the country since and now in Louisville KY, I have them delivered. Never disappointed with the quality!! Do yourself a favor and try these wonderful shrimp. You won’t be disappointed.

  4. patrick abrams (verified owner)

    haven’t received them yet . do you have more ways to prepare them

  5. shannon carbone (verified owner)

    Amazing….The rock shrimp from Wild Ocean are consistently delicious and sweet. One of our favorites.

    • Cinthia (verified owner)

      Thank you for your enthusiasm!

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