Grouper will arrive frozen in 1 lb packages (16 oz). The average portion size per person is 4-8 oz depending on your appetite.

Local, Florida Grouper

Groupers are a staple of Florida’s culinary seafood plate. It is versatile, firm and slightly sweet with a large flake. They are members of the sea bass family, Serranidae, which has over 400 types. Most of the varieties docked at at our facility are snowy and yellowedge grouper but we also harvest black, gag and scamp groupers. They are harvested year-round with peak Eastern seaboard and Gulf production in summer and fall. They are packaged in 16 ounce packages.


Mild but distinct flavor, somewhere between bass and halibut.¬† You might be familiar with grouper¬† because of Florida’s famous fried grouper sandwich. It makes the perfect fried sandwich because of it’s texture and mildness.

Healthy Alternative

Grouper is low in saturated fat. It is also very healthy due to it being a good source of vitamins B6 and B12, phosphorus, potassium, protein, and selenium.