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The Constance Diane

Rock shrimp, red shrimp, white shrimp, pink shrimp, hoppers…..if the shrimp is out there, Jason will catch it. Jason Vogelsong is a third generation shrimper-following in his grandfather, mother and father’s footsteps., Jason grew up spending summers and school breaks on shrimp boats and began fishing full time at fifteen years old. Twenty three years of full time shrimping. His boat, Constance Diane is 87′ long and he has a crew of three. His average trip is 21 days. Jason’s family is from Jacksonville and he follows the shrimp seasonally-working off our dock when the shrimp are off Cape Canaveral. Jason’s favorite shrimp to eat-white shrimp. Come get some!!! […]


New York Times: Going Wild For American Shrimp

Kim Severson, New York Times writer and James Beard winner, shows you how easy it is to cook with domestic shrimp.

It really is that easy. She has taken a dish americans love and made it with real ingredients and thoughtfulness.

Bon Appetit.


Consumer Reports Comes Out With Shrimp Update

According to consumer reports, “94% of our shrimp supply comes from abroad, from countries such as India, Indonesia and Thailand.” The increase of shrimp supply coming from abroad countries is because of the demand of shrimp in the United States. Americans eat on average 4 pounds of shrimp per year, this is much higher than 35 years ago. When the shrimp come from countries abroad the majority of the shrimp are raised in man-made ponds or huge holding tanks that are filled with antibiotics. The other way to get shrimp is from the wild. Their is debate on both sides whether farm-raised shrimp is […]

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